Mind / Preparation

Lawrence Dodd Mind preparation lessons'Golf is about how well you accept, respond to, and score with your misses much more so than it is a game of your perfect  shots'-Bob Rotella

 There is a misconception in golf that only good players will benefit from a strong mental game. But in a sport where only 1% of the time on course is spent hitting the ball it is vital that a player knows how to manage their thoughts and emotions during the other 99%.

Examples of areas covered within the mental game;

  • 1st tee nerves
  • Closing out a good round
  • pre and post shot routine
  • visualistaion
  • tournament preparation
  • Shot acceptence





The purpose behind each session will be to break old thinking habits by giving you tools that will become a perminant part of your golfing behaviour.


Gold         Includes 5 one-to-one hour sessions plus unlimited email and phone access. £175

Silver       Includes 3 one-to-one hour sessions plus unlimited email access. £105

Bronze     Includes a 1.5 hour session. £50

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