"Ever since starting the game I had always sliced the ball. no matter what the club. Since starting lessons with Lawrence I have learned the principles of how to control the shape of the golf ball and now play a draw, even with a driver! Not only do I now hit the ball straighter i hit it longer and have lowered my handicap by 6 shots. I have found Lawrence's laid back coaching style refreshing, informative and relaxing and can't wait to have that hour away from the office each week."

Paul Chapman. MD Kenworth Associates.


"What I have enjoyed the most from the lessons I've had with Lawrence is the knowledge he shared with me with regards to technique and how to get the best from my own swing. I spend countless hours on the road and in hotels which leaves little time to practice, Lawrence has given me countless drills and excercises that don't require a ball or club so I can improve my game away from the course. I have had many golf lessons in the past but I really feel lawrence has lisntened and understood who and what I am and has made a coaching plan that suits me perfectly."

Bernard Fajal.

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